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GlamFam - Meet Catherine from Tatenda Creations

GlamFam - Meet Catherine from Tatenda Creations

At Glamorizta our family values underpin everything we do.

Welcome to GlamFam, a gentle community which is wholly committed to fulfilling our social duty whereby our actions seek to benefit our societies. GlamFam is our way to make a difference to someone’s life. Through GlamFam we support small businesses set up their business.

Tatenda Creations

Enroute to the Glamorizta showroom in Fourways, our attention was captured by colourful teddy bears adoring the roadside. Hard on brakes, as everyone needs a squeezable cute teddy bear, we stopped. We were greeted by a smiley Catherine who proudly introduced the adorable woolie fauna.

Catherine, the owner of Tatenda Creations, is a smart Entrepreneur and crazy talented Crocheter. Her shop is set-up on a piece of public lawn on the side of a road behind a shopping centre, as you enter a residential area in Fourways.

The crochet teddies are beautifully and skilfully crafted. When our friend had a baby finding a gift was easy…which teddy to pick was hard tough!

 Tatenda Creations

In 2013 Catherine was diagnosed with eye cancer. In February 2014, she underwent surgery but lost her right eye including her eye lid, as the entire eye was affected. Since, Catherine has been out of a job and a steady flow of income. 

Tatenda Creations

Catherine has always been crafty and so she started to learn how to make crochet teddies. In 2019 she set up shop on the street to support her family. Catherine is a single mother of four beautiful children and supports her mother and sisters.

She is the only breadwinner in the family, and it’s been hard to make ends-meet especially during Covid-19. Catherine’s sole source of income is the little she makes from the teddies. Every single teddy is lovingly handmade and takes hours to craft. 

Tatenda Creations

We started working with Catherine because we want everyone to experience Catherine’s adorable teddies and want her to reach a wider audience. Our aim is for Catherine’s business to become a reliable and steady source of income so that she can support her family.

If you would like, please support her by:

  • Buying a teddy: Do you need a teddy for your children or as a gift? Why not head over to get in touch with Catherine? It might be a bit more cumbersome then heading to your local store, as Catherine does not have a fixed shop or shopping hours, but every Rand will support her and her family directly.  
  • Donating spare wool: Do you have spare wool and don't know what to do with it? How about donating it to Catherine (yes, the materials are very expensive and eat up a high percentage of her income).

You can find Catherine here:

  • Location: Fourways Pineslopes at the traffic circle next to Hirsch's every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am until 15:30 pm.
  • Contact number: 0731150589
  • Facebook: Tatenda Creations


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