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Glamorizta's Style Talk with Founders

Glamorizta's Style Talk - Winter Edition

With Winter firmly upon us it's time to check in with our Founders again to see what they are currently loving.

1. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without this season (autumn/winter 2024)?

Ahalya: Scarves - Apart from keeping you cozy and comfortable, it’s a versatile accessory that adds flair and personality to any outfit

Catherine: Bucket Hats and a cool pair of sunglasses to protect from the winter sun. While being stylish and add an extra dimension to my outfit on a day when I’ve got little time, sunglasses and a cool bucket hat instantly pull my outfit together. Such an easy formula!

2. Who’s your fashion icon (alive or dead) and why?

Ahalya: There is no one particular person. I appreciate classic style, sophistication and grace that many fashion icons provide in the world of fashion. 

Catherine: It’s really hard to choose as every decade seems to have its style icon. There are also so many different style preference available to choose from nowadays. I appreciate timeless, classic and versatile styles the most. My style icon has to be my grandmother. She was always dressed well and carried herself with grace.

3. What’s trending on your Netflix “My List” currently?

Ahalya: It has to be Restaurants on the edge. I love watching it because I am intrigued how food and design experts turn struggling restaurants with stunning views into destinations connected to their community.

Catherine: There are so many good shows to choose form but lately I’ve caught up with the third season of Bridgerton. I particularly enjoy the show for it’s wonderful outfit, hair and make-up creations. 

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