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How South Africa shops for luxury designer fashion (8 most popular designer brands)

Find out how South Africa's fashionistas shop for luxury brands. Which luxury designer brands are the most desired and how they compare internationally based on the Lyst Index Rating for Q4 2023.

At Glamorizta we believe in making an investment in our wardrobes, which will give us joy for years to come. We’ve delved deep into the data available from speaking to our customers, our social media and website and married that data with the Lyst Index to help you understand how South African fashionistas cleverly invest their money in luxury designer fashion. Here it is:

  • Number One: Christian Louboutin

  • Number Two: Gucci

  • Number Three: Burberry

  • Number Four: Valentino

  • Number Five: Prada

  • Number Six: Fendi

  • Number Seven: Versace

  • Number Eight: Balenciaga


Glamorizta Index Rating

Glamorizta Index: #8 

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #12

Balenciaga continues to divide the fashion world into love and hate. Streetstyle a la Matrix with an edge or unapologetic handbag designs that look like bin bag liners, Balenciaga is never short of a surprise. We are looking past all of this and know that Balenciaga is a main-stay that’s been cool with the edgy fashion crowd for well over 20 years. Case in point – Balenciaga’s City bag, which is still as sought after as when it first launched in 2001. What can we say? This bag is a classic and will still capture hearts and minds 20 years from now!

Glamorizta Index: #7

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #7

Versace is all about a confident sexiness, the re-definition of power dressing. A boldness that makes a statement without being overwhelming. It’s loud and brash, yet delicate and fragile. No wonder Barbie movie darling and executive producer Margot Robbie is not yet ready to ditch the pink and very much on theme continues to enjoy her hyper-feminine outfits. And so are we. We are excited to incorporate a bit of power dressing into our everyday looks to channel our inner Versace girl echoing the words of Versace face and designer Donatella Versace herself: “The [Versace] woman is a good girl with a wild soul. She is prim but sexy.”  We found that our customers love Versace because it’s easy to wear and integrate a touch of Italian dolce vita into your every day.

Glamorizta Index: #6

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #20

Fendi, another Italian powerhouse, the brand's rise in popularity is reflected in the Lyst Index Q4 2023. Fendi's Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity and the brand continues to set trends that resonate with consumers worldwide. The touch and feel of Fendi handbags is one of luxury. High quality that you can see by how the item has been crafted. True to it’s DNA our collection features neutral tones and utilitarian styles that will see you through your every day in style. Our customers also love Fendi as much as we do and particularly appreciate their high quality bags.

Glamorizta Index: #5

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #1

Prada, the epitome of timeless elegance and innovation, continues to captivate with its visionary designs and forward-thinking approach (think the use of utilitarian nylon as a material for a bag – truly groundbreaking). The brand's ability to blend tradition with modernity was evident in its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, which showcased bold reinterpretations of classic silhouettes and unexpected colour combinations. Prada's enduring appeal and commitment to pushing boundaries makes it a brand that is here to stay. It’s hardly surprising that our fashionable customers have also picked up on this trend and love Prada for these very reasons. It’s a toss up as our customers love all things Prada, from Prada kitten heels, to ever-green bags and in particular Prada sunglasses.

Glamorizta Index: #4

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #10

Valentino is an artful expression of femininity. The design lines are clean and straightforward, pure. Impeccable craftsmanship and quality at every step. Elegance and femininity combined with a light aesthetic that does not overpower. The results are timeless classic designs that will stand the test of time. We are very excited that our customers love Valentino as much as we do! In today’s world with a focus on sustainability and buying better, not more, a high quality handbag or shoe from Valentino will be guaranteed to serve you for years to come as it’s been designed and crafted with longevity and quality in mind. Valentino captures it all: European romance and quality craftsmanship. That’s something our customers approve of from the timeless Rock studs on handbags or heels to sunglasses and perfumes.

Glamorizta Index: #3

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #9

We are particularly excited to see British mainstay designer house Burberry moving up the ranks in the Lyst Index. From a somewhat sleepy brand associated mainly with the classic trench coat and iconic Burberry check it’s risen from the ashes with new creative director Daniel Lee’s arrival. Bold, brash and unapologetically British, it’s back in full force and we are here for it. Our customers love a Burberry bag for it’s timeless allure and practicality.

Glamorizta Index: #2

Lyst Index Q4 2023: #11

Gucci, a perennial favourite among fashionistas, continues to redefine luxury with its eclectic designs and boundary-pushing creativity. While maintaining its position in the Lyst Index Q4 2023 Top 20, Gucci's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection being a shift away from the safe haven of neutrals and hoodies back to where Gucci belongs – an eclectic mix drawing on designs from bygone eras to pave a way forward. We are pleased to see that the unmistakably Gucci GG logo has been brought back and is being plastered in a tastefully elegant way on belts, shoes, bags, jackets and skirts. One definitely cannot go wrong with this iconic logo print embossed on your favourite accessory. And the best part…don’t wait for it to drop in the Gucci stores in South Africa. Shop yours at Glamorizta now. We know you love it!

Glamorizta Index: #1

Lyst Index Q4 2023: Not listed

Eagle eyed you may have noticed that the number one in the Glamorizta ranking is missing! South Africans love red! We know that you love to spice up your glamorous outfits and step out in red bottoms. Shoes featuring the iconic red soles from Christian Louboutin – whether high heels, flats or trainers – be it for your bridal outfit or daily city stroll - are your go-to when it comes to timeless investment pieces.

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