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Feels Boutique

Introducing female entrepreneur Neo from Feels Boutique

This Women’s Day we are proud to feature and share Neo’s story as a female owned small business.

Ms Neo Chiloane is the founder of an online store called Feels Boutique. She is a young, zesty entrepreneur from a small town in the East Rand of Johannesburg and started @Feels_Boutique as an outlet for her shopping addiction.

After years of trying to start a business that catered to all kinds of women (and men) who just wanted to have fun with fashion, she sought a platform where she could express her own passion for feeling and looking good. As an avid traveller, accessories had always been collectable memorabilia, especially when visiting African countries. On her return from her annual trip to Nairobi, Kenya in 2019, a friend asked her why doesn’t she consider selling the handcrafted recycled brass accessories. Neo, began investigating the possibilities of partnering with the incredible craftsman that create these unique pieces… This is how Neo’s first co-designed collection of brass and shell earrings and rings came to life.

Feels Boutique

Feels Boutique offers a wide variety of sustainable and ethically made fashion alternatives.

Small business owners are passionate about what their do and play and important role in supporting their local communities. We want everyone to experience Feels Boutique and reach a wider audience locally and nationally.

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 73 521 1977
Instagram: @Feels_Boutique

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